Salary and Increment in TCS | What is band distribution in TCS

Performance Bands for all employees of TCS of FY 2020-21 have been enclosed on 21 May 2021.
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) will hand out across-the-board salary increments for 2021-22, becoming the first IT services company to do so for the upcoming fiscal. The salary hike roll-out will benefit nearly 4.7 lakh employees of the company.
The average increment band for offshore employees is expected to be 6-7 percent as per norms(for new associates at least 3k), sources privy to the development told PTI. This would be the second salary hike within six months by TCS. The news comes at a time when the industries are still recovering from Covid induced downturn.
Now coming to salary increments, In short, your increments depends on 2 things.
1. Ur performance
2. Ur designation.
Let me tell you the second part first and switch into the first part! 
1. As you all know every one chosen for ASE-T (Assistant System Engineer- Trainee) with a package of 3.16L p.a.
2. After 1 year u will be promoted to ASE (Assistant System Engineer). So there will be a small hike to 3.4L because of the change in designation.
After 2 years from ur DOJ, u will be moved to SE (System Engineer). So again a hike will be(comparatively high) up to 3.8L.
Now coming back to the first part.
In TCS salary will be divided in the form of bands. It has an A to D band.
These bands will be depending on the rating you get.
A band – rating 4.5 -5 out of 5
B band- rating from 4-4.5
C band- rating from 3-4 (C band considered as an average band in TCS)
D band- less than 2.
The sources said with the FY22 salary hike, TCS employees will get around a 12-14 percent average increment in six months window. TCS was the first IT services company to announce a salary hike for all employees for FY21 in October last year. The sources noted that the Mumbai-headquartered IT firm had given out a salary hike in line with industry norms in FY21, despite uncertainty due to COVID-19.
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