Night curfew in Delhi: Know everything to the point

Night curfew in Delhi

What does night curfew mean?

Only essential services will be allowed between 10 pm and 5 am. only up to two persons will be allowed to move together. The DDMA order clarifies that there will be no restrictions on the interstate and intrastate movement of essential or non-essential goods. It stated that no separate permision/e-pass will be required for such movements. Only People arriving in the city from airports, railway stations, ISBTs will be allowed to travel but they may be asked to show their valid ticket.

What essential services will be allowed?

Shops dealing with foods, groceries, fruits and vegetables, dairy and milk booths, meat and fish, medicines, banks and ATMs, print and electronic media, internet services, cable services, delivery of all essential goods including foods, petrol/CNG stations, etc.

Who will enforce it?

District magistrates, SDMs, deputy commissioners of police and all authorities concerned will ensure strict compliance, the DDMA order says

Are there any fines?

The defaulting person(s) will be penalized as per sections 51 to 60 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005, Sections 188 of IPC, and other applicable laws.

When will restaurants, cinemas, malls, and markets shut?

Wedding halls, pubs, restaurants, party venues, and markets will have to shut by 10 pm.

Will e-passes be needed, or will identity cards work?

Government officials, healthcare and frontline workers, diplomats will need to produce identity cards; those providing essential services will need to produce e-passes upon request.

How to apply for an e-pass?

E-passes can be obtained by applying on the website

How about people coming from airports and railway stations?

Travelers going to or arriving at the airport/railway stations/ISBTs may be asked to show tickets.

What about people going to get the Covid vaccine?

People on their way to be vaccinated for Covid-19 during the 10 pm-5 am window will also need e-passes to travel.

What about people going to hospitals? How will it be facilitated?

Ambulances will be allowed to ferry patients; anybody feeling sick can travel to meet a doctor, even if (s)he is not carrying a relevant document.



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