Ad-free search engine Neeva to launch in India next year 2022: CEO Sridhar Ramaswamy

What is neeva search engine?
Neeva is a privacy-first ad-free and tracking-free search engine created by ex-Googlers. … Ramaswamy was the SVP of Ads at Google, and Raghunathan was the VP of Monetization at YouTube. The two created a new search engine to serve users and only users.
Although India has its own search engine qmamu, which was launched on 26 January 2021 on Republic Day.
In an interview with Moneycontrol from the US, Ramaswamy spoke about why he wants to reimagine the future of search if the subscription-driven model will work and his plans for India.

Sridhar Ramaswamy was part of the early engineering team that built Google Search and he later led Google’s advertising products, which accounts for a lion’s share of its revenue. But he gave it all up in 2018, as he believed ads detract from a good search experience and can also lead to unintended social consequences.

“The ad model has been great for bringing search to everyone on the planet, but over time, there is more and more pressure to show more ads and not really what the user wants. Our thesis is that we can create a much better search product, focusing solely on what a customer needs,” says Ramaswamy, the CEO of Neeva, speaking on a video call from his California home. This domain the 54-year-old knows well, having been the senior vice-president of ads and commerce at Google, and running its travel, shopping, and search infrastructure teams.

Raghunathan studied at IIT Mumbai and was earlier vice-president of Monetisation at YouTube.

What is Neeva attempting to do?
Search is a $150 billion business and growing at 20 percent. It is a part of the overall advertising ecosystem, which is digital advertising that is growing significantly. And one incumbent has over 90 percent share of this market. This has never happened in history before, where one incumbent is so strong and keeps growing.

A different way to think about Neeva is an ad-free private subscription search, essentially creating Netflix or other things that have been done along this front, such as Spotify or Apple Music.

Because this model of subscription-driven search lets us focus on creating a really great experience that focuses on what the customers need, as opposed to what advertisers need. So we think the subscription search model puts the customer first, makes us focus completely on what’s right for you, and will be a successful business.

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